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Installation in your template

1) Login to bitrix

2) From admin panel. Go to site template Control Panel/Settings > System settings > Websites > Site Templates


3) Click "Three Lines" and select "Edit"


If you forgot about what template you are using on your site, you can see it in this section: Settings -> System settings -> Websites -> Websites-Modify.

You can see a list of all templates, used on all of your websites.


4) On the next step, paste the GtChatPro code before the </body> tag. Make sure to save your new settings by clicking the “Save” button. 


The GtChat code is available in the Gtchatpro, in the Channel section: Dashboard > Channels > Add New if you already created a channel then Dashboard > Channels > Manage> Edit

Note: If you use multiple templates, you will need to install the GtChatPro code on each template.