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Method 1: Installation with Blocks

1) Go into your site’s admin panel, then navigate to the Blocks section. Structure -> Blocks.

Then, click Add Block and select the following settings:

  • Block description: GtChatPro

  • Block body: Enter the GtChatPro code into this field

  • Text format: Full Html


2) Make sure to save the settings by clicking “Save Block”


You can now find your newly created GtChatPro block in the “Blocks” section.

3) Go to Region settings of the new block you have created and select the footer option in the dropdown menu.

4) Then, click “Save Blocks”. And you’re done!



Method 2: Installation with ftp access

You can also connect GtChat to your site through its source files, using an ftp-client.

1) Navigate to: Your site/Modules/System and find the “html.tpl.php” file.

2) Edit this file, then copy the GtChatPro code and paste it before the </head> tag in the main code of your site.

3) Make sure to save the settings, and you’re done!

Note: In other versions of Drupal (for example, version 6) you need to paste the GtChat code into the page.tpl.php file, which is located in your templates.

Be careful, though, this file must be in other templates too.