How to integrate GtChatPro

How to integrate GtChatPro on any website

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Integrating the GtChatPro into your website in a few easy steps

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Step 1. Visit GtChatPro and click the free trial button to sign up


Step 2. Now fill up your details and click the signup button. You can also signup by your Google, Facebook, or Linkedin account. 


Step 3. After signup, Verify your email address. Now login to GtChatPro and you will be redirected to the admin dashboard. Now click Activate Free Trial button to subscribe package.



Step 4. Click the Active Free Trial button to activate a free trial for 14 days



Step 5. Now click Channels > Add New to add your website domain where the GtChatPro chat widget will be visible.



Step 6. Fill required fields and click submit button. Now GtChatPro chat widget code will be generated. Copy this code and paste it into your website footer.


After that GtChatPro chat widget will be displayed on your website.