Transfer new lead responses from Gtchat Pro to a HubSpot

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HubSpot Api Guide

1. Go to hubspot developers registration page

2. Click on Create a developer account button


3. Select Create App Developer account


4. Click on create an app


5. On next page add app name and click on auth tab


6. Add redirect url and scopes mentioned blow 

redirect_url :

and should be enable following permissions in scopes

  1. crm object lists read and write
  2. crm objects contacts read and write
  3. crm objects custom read and write
  4. crm objects compnies read and write
  5. crm objects deals read and write
  6. crm schema custom read
  7. crm schema contacts read and write

hint: read & write means read and write checkbox should be checked and remember schema and objects are two different types of permissions. Please checked carefully. 

 Now, Click on Save button in order to save app


7. Copy Client Id and Client Secret for use

8. To check your leads create a active account, in this tutorial we use a test account 


Now, its time to implement these credentials

  1. Login to your GTchatpro account.
  2. On dashboard sidebar, click on “Integrations” add your required credentials and submit it.
  3. Allow access permission to your active account and now you will be able to get leads.