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Mailchimp Api Guide

1) Go to mailchimp signup page

2) Add required information and submit

3) After signup, setup your account

4) Select your package and click on next button. In this tutorial we will use free package


5) Setup step 2, Add your some basic personal information


6. Setup step 3, Add company address


7. Setup step 4, Select your goal to use mailchimp


8. Setup step 5, select your estimated option or skip. In tutorial case we are likely to skip


9. Account Setup step 6, select your option or skip

10. At step 7, do the same as step 6

11. At setup step 8,Select your best option and click finish


12. Congrats you have completed account setup, now click on “let’s go”


13. Now we generate Api token, click on profile placed at bottom left side


14. Now click on extras and select Api keys from drop down menu


15. On Api keys page, click on “Create a key” button


16. Copy Api key and save it for use.

17. After api key, now go for Audience id

18. For audience id click on Audience>All Contacts from sidebar


19. Click on settings>Audience Name and Defaults


20. Copy Audience Id and save it


Now, its time to implement these credentials

  1. Login to your GTchatpro account.
  2. On dashboard sidebar, click on “Integrations” add your required credentials and submit it.