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Pipedrive Api Guide

1. Goto developers registration   page and signup

2. After signup a verification email sends to your email, verify email and set your password

3. On successful signup, a market place page opened

4. Click on create new app


5. Select app preference “Yes” for public app and “No” for private app and click on next


6. Add  App Name , Callback Url and Access Scopes for Callback url and access token mentioned in second image of this point

Note: callback url and scope for your app should be

callback_url: https://gtchatpro.com/pipedrive-redirect

Scopes are : 

1) Deals full access

2) Contacts full access

3) Leads full access



7. Click onSave, Now you have successfully created app. Now generate Api token

8. Click on profile name>personal preferences


9. Click on Api and copy token for use.


10. Now click on Profile Name>tools and integrations. You may follow point 8 but click on tools and integrations  instead of profile preferences

11. Select Marketplace manager and click on App Name


12. Scroll down and go to OAuth and Access scope section and copy client id and client secret for use


Now, its time to implement these credentials

  1. Login to your GTchatpro account.
  2. On dashboard sidebar, click on “Integrations” add your required credentials and submit it.