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Salesforce API Guide

1. Go to and signup for your developer account

2. Please Remember the username


3. After signup, a verification email sends to your email, verify your email, and set your password. Please note your password should be without any special characters.

4. After completing the signup. Login to your account and go to the dashboard

5. Click on “Setup” placed at the top right corner of the dashboard

6. Search app manager in the search bar and select app manager


7.  In-app manager click on the new  “connected app


8. Add required information for building app. In scope section must add following scopes

1) Perform requests at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)

2) Full access (full)

and add callback_url


9.  On next page click on continue button

10. Click on manage consumer details


11. Confirm your identity

12. Copy consumer key and consumer secret and save in a document for use.


13. Now you should generate an Account Security key 

14. Click on the profile name and select My Settings


15.  Now Select Reset My Security Key from the My Personnel Information drop-down and then click on the Reset Security Token button

16.  A security key sends to your registered email address.

17.  Copy the security key and save it in a document with the consumer id and secret

Now, its time to implement these credentials

  1. Login to your GTchatpro account.
  2. On dashboard sidebar, click on “Integrations” add your required credentials and submit it.